Aspirations – The Final

These are general enough others may decide to use them as well, so I’ve decided to post my 2009 Aspirations.

The desired result: a life well-lived, benefit to others, and my Savior’s smile of approval, whatever the coming year brings.

* Aware of what God has done on my behalf — and may yet do
* Worshipful
* Prayerful

* Trusting
* Childlike Faith
* Willing to wait for God
* Optimistic

* Delighted by God’s Word
* Firmly rooted by it
* Thinking on it
* Obedient to it
* Thirsty for it.

* Quiet on the inside
* Peaceful demeanor

* Creative
* Fruitful
* Thriving relationships with my wife and family
* Playful
* Wisely investing in others

* A visible faith that reflects attention toward God (glorifies Him)
* Excellence with Humility

* As a virtue
* As a means to high effectiveness
* Personal – home – work
* Skills – finances – time

* Applying God’s standards to my life
* Seeking counsel
* Praying for wisdom, believing God will grant it.  (Js. 1.5-8)


Remembering that Benjamin Franklin used a similar method, I went back and reviewed his thirteen virtues and the method he used to keep them strong and vibrant in his life.   I also recalled the device Dr. Bruce Wilkinson describes in his book “Holiness in Times of Temptation”, a book God used significantly to deepen my walk with Him.    Borrowing and adapting from the two, adding my own touches, these are the eight qualities I aspire to in 2009 despite the uncertainties at its outset.

I’ll describe in a succeeding post the device I’ll use to measure my growth (a simple little spreadsheet) –  I’ll make it available in case you decide you like it.

If you decide to use these, please give credit where credit is due
—to God and God alone.  (Ephesians 2.8-10)

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