Are You Spent?

Are you spent? 

It’s not a word we use every day, at least not anymore, but it’s still in the dictionary: Unabridged (v 1.1)

spent  /spent/ Pronunciation Key … 


1. pt. and pp. of spend.
2. used up; consumed.
3. tired; worn-out; exhausted.

weary, drained


We live in a day when “go-for-broke”  and “whatever it takes” would love to make heroes and heroines out of us, even if only in our own little circles of influence.  

But for some reason it seems we’re unwilling to admit “I’m spent”.

We admire when post-game interviews of some of our favorite athletes show they’ve obviously spent it all to finish victorious.  Vigorous, even reckless pursuit of an ambitious goal can put one in front of lights and cameras, especially if they’ve given all in pursuit of breaking a long-standing record or achieving something extraordinary.

But when was the last time a friend in ministry admitted to you,  “I’m feeling spiritually spent at the moment”?   It’s a little more likely perhaps when dealing with a job, but family?  Don’t admit it (though sometimes family relationships are the most challenging of all).   

Is it just me, or are we afraid to admit it when we’re drained?  I wonder why?

I don’t pretend to have all the answers but I maybe have one.    I wonder if the thought of being less than super-human in a world where everyone pretends they are (at least in America) isn’t a little intimidating.    If I admit I’ve used up all my resources today or this week, people might look at me and wonder what I’m going to do tomorrow or next week when it all starts again.  “Ooop! Get ready!  There’s failure just around the bend, he’s out of gas.”  So I stiffen my upper lip and say “GOOD!”  when a friend asks “How are ya’?”

There’s a rich truth in Isaiah 40:31 that should give us the freedom to say “I’m spent at the moment, but that’s no cause for worry.”

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength;

they shall mount up with wings like eagles,

they shall run, and not be weary;

and they shall walk; and not faint.  


Granted, we have trouble waiting on the Lord in a your-own-bootstraps society where it’s understood that everything is up to the individual and that we write then fulfill our own destinies.  It’s a natural result of making man god instead of letting God be God.  

I struggle to swim upstream against that ideology too. But it’s true; when we wait on the Lord, when we trust Him for what we’ll need tomorrow, however much or however little, we’re going to be willing to spend it all serving Him, our families, at work,  in rehearsal, even at softball.

To go to bed at night on “empty” isn’t a bad thing.  It’s great, actually, when you know that while you sleep, God has you plugged in to His charger, that you’re going to wake up in the morning with just enough for tomorrow.   

A few days ago I quoted the words to an old hymn  “I Need Jesus”    It’s true.   I need Him in the sunshine hour, and I need Him when the storm clouds are low and ominous.   Relying on Him, trusting in Him, drawing from Him, I’m able to fly, run or walk without a chance of running out of what He has for me.  So can you.

Not so my car.  More than once it’s died without regard for who’s driving or where they are.  Never mind that the gas guage says  1/8.  You’re done.   God’s not like that.  When I spend it all in serving Him and providing for my family He’s there with His supply and He’s never had a late delivery. 

Are you spent?   

It’s OK.  Trust Him.  Wait on Him.   If you’re His child He’s going to take good care of you.  Very good care.   If this all sounds strange and unfamiliar to you,  click [here] or send me a comment.  God is Someone you really need to know. 



2 Replies to “Are You Spent?”

  1. Ragazza

    No, I am not spent. Not anymore.

    He fills me up each morning and provides everything I may need throughout the day.

    I know my limits and know when to ask for help as well.

    Good article, though, and one I can always use a reminder in.

  2. Phil

    Hi Ragazza –

    Wow – I’d not even finished my clean-up edits (it’s the writer in me) and you’d commented!

    Welcome to Vibrance. I hope you’ll stop by again.


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