Announcing: June Interactive Posts

June is well-underway, I know, but we’ve enjoyed sharing our thoughts like this before (Philippians, Proverbs, Peter’s walk through holy week) so I’d like to invite you to join me again.

In manufacturing, and engineering, perhaps in your world too, the term “drill down” means you’re looking for something. Perhaps a root cause to a problem, perhaps the cause behind all the effects you’re dealing with, good or bad. In agriculture it’s common knowledge that cows have four stomachs and they chew the cud to process the food more completely. Me? I’d rather meditate. 😀

Would you like to join me in drilling down, chewing on, thinking about Philippians 4 the rest of June?

I’ll post Philippians 4 as the content in the next post and you can make comments and observations, short or long, heavy or light, as often as you like. I have a long road trip ahead of me this month so in part, I’m deciding ahead of time where to point focus some drive-time thinking while the fence posts, power poles and mile-markers breeze by.

Join me ? I look forward to sharing our insights and observations together!

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