An Owl’s Thoughts on Early Morning

I’m a night-owl.  Have been as long as I can remember.

All-nighters in college to finish projects were no problem for me, and I couldn’t begin to guess how many times I’ve stayed up late to get caught up so I can relax and be myself in the regular world.  

When our kids got old enough they could decide for themselves when to call it a day things changed.   I lost that  “all is calm, all is bright (here at my desk, anyway)” setting, so had to adjust.  I found it at the other end of late night, though, the part of the day most call early morning.    I still consider myself a night-owl even though I’m up before five every morning;  I’m just making use of the tail end of the night hours instead of the first few.  There’s something about the calm of early morning thought and prayer, the schoolhouse clock at the base of the stairs making the only sound in the house – a quiet tick-tick-tick I only notice at that hour.

Dad had a little poem he liked to recite occasionally, a derivative of Benjamin Franklin’s proverb.  it went like this:

Early to bed early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise.

Late to bed and early to rise, though,  makes one saggy and baggy under the eyes.


This morning – early – I found another I kind of like.  It brought a smile my way, maybe it will do the same for you.  It’s anonymous so far as I can tell (anonymous wrote some pretty good stuff, ever notice that?).

Six-thirty is my time to rise

But I’m seldom bright of eye.

Part of me says “Look alive!”

And the other part asks “Why?”


 Make it a great day today — enjoy the beauty of God’s creation; what a wonderful artist He is! 

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  1. rindy

    I can so relate to the kids growing up and “taking” my quiet late night time! There is definitely a peace in the late night/early morning. At least in the morning I know my teens will never disturb me!! 😉

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