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We’ve done this on occasion here on Vibrance, with Philippians and the Proverbs –  it’s time to give it another go.  The idea came to me in church today.

We’ve been thinking about the fruit of the Spirit this summer at Spring Creek Church, and today Pastor Chip concluded the series, talking about self-control.  When he took us to Titus to further explain and describe the concept, I thought to myself,  “It’s been a long time since I camped out in Titus for any length of time; it’s such a short and a quick read, I don’t usually explore it like I could.”   A moment later I made a note to myself – I should invite the regulars at Vibrance to read-in and share their observations here too.

So here’s your invitation.    It’s very simple, actually.

  1. The next post will include the text from Paul’s letter to Titus  (I like the NASB, so that’ll be the version posted).  You can print it out and take it with you to work or school if you’d like.
  2. Read it once a day, through the month of September.  Remember to ask the Lord to point out something each time you read it.   It may be something new each day, or He may impress something on you for a few days in a row – His call.
  3. Make notes, and share them with us here.

Others will read-in, be encouraged and share what they’re gleaning from Titus.

Enjoy –
Connect –
Grow –


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