An Expensive Freedom

We’re celebrating our country’s freedom this weekend – as we should!

Fireworks, picnics with friends and family,
lots of red, white and blue, and that thought that weaves itself through all of July 4th:

“We’re FREE here!”

We’re quick to acknowledge, too, that ours is an expensive freedom. Freedom cost those who signed the Declaration of Independence and others —  and cost them dearly!

One of the things they held dear, was our religious freedom.  Mine is not to open the can of worms here about which amendment, how much separation between church and state, who should and should not be exempt from various things; mine is to remind us all that God-fearing men felt strongly about religious freedom at our country’s outset and were willing to die for it.  Many did.

The high value of that freedom -which I prefer to view as a privilege, not a right- and its direct connection to our forefathers’ faith makes it hard to sit still when I read online discussions by worship leaders who say church isn’t the place for patriotism.  Actually, those discussions bring me up out of my seat.  I’d stand on a chair to make my point if I thought it would help!

Who died for you to give you your original freedom?
“You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you FREE”, true?

Jesus was fairly clear about it –  “I am the way, the truth and the life…”

Freedom from a state religion was central to our founding father’s intent, but not freedom from God or His influence and direction in our lives.  Far from it!

We get patriotic at Calvary Memorial Church, where I serve, and that without apology.
This weekend, July 3rd will be one of those Sundays, and I hope you worship the one, true God as a confident American!  If you live within driving distance, come worship with us! We’d love to have you!

We NEED to stay close to Him if our country has a prayer in coming days. What better day to remind ourselves of that truth than on our country’s birthday!

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  1. Jonell

    Good thoughts … deep thoughts … someday we ourselves may be called upon to pay for our own freedom. Thanks for sharing! Independence Day is not just a holiday, it is a wonderful gift!

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