A Useful Book for Work Transitions

Looking for work is never fun.  I’m never happy when my job is finding one.  So when I came across this volume in Barnes and Noble a while back, I, in the interest of saving time and energy, snatched it up.  I’m glad I did!


I’m one of those generalists (in employer-terms) who has a divergent background with sought-after transferable skills I’ve developed in both the non-profit sector and the for-profit world. Overnight Career Choice helped me identify them so I can objectively bring them to light in resume crafting and interviewing.

Chapter 6 has invaluable insight on specific job titles grouped in areas of interest, along with projected growth through 2018 (the next five years) to help job-seekers identify their best growth prospects.

It’s definitely worth the 2 – 3 hours minimum it’ll take you to work through it on your way to a focused search.

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