A Great Tool For Managing Time Online

Who of us hasn’t looked up at the clock and realized

“Oh, my!  I’ve been online THAT long?!”.

There’s such a wealth of great information on the web.  Last night’s news told the story of a mom who just wouldn’t quit looking for a solution to her son’s medical condition, though the doctors were out of options.  She found the solution herself – online.

We’re singing a song Sunday morning that historically hasn’t been paired with very singable tunes.  As a result  it hasn’t been very widely used the  last two-hundred years, even though it’s a great text.  I discovered online this week that there are nine possible tunes for those lyrics, and a couple of them are well-known.  Good to know.

The internet has an extensive slum and red-light district too; places I need to absolutely avoid as a Christian.  Filters and accountability tools like   http://www.x3watch.com/ are effective tools to keep us out of where we don’t belong. If you’re prone to wander over there, it’s worth whatever it takes to prevent eventual ruin.  The Enemy would love to take you out, using your own computer.

I can easily spend too much time meandering the net’s GREAT places, though.  Can you ?   Not long ago I came across an add on for Firefox, an ingenious way to set some self-defined limits on how long I can stay in certain places.   Firefox, if you don’t already know, is my browser of choice, easily outrunning Internet Explorer.  Its tabbed browsing, pop-up blockers, convenient add-ons and features are easy to add and remove, allowing me to customize it to my preferences.  I love it.

This new find?   A Firefox add-on called LeechBlock.   Leech, as in  sucking productivity from you a minute at a time.   It’s not designed to be a filter, rather a way to help you stay in control of your time so the things that need to get done actually get done.    How long do you want to give yourself reading blogs each day?  You can set your own boundaries and limits.   Playing word games?  You decide.  Reading news and comments?  Connecting with friends and family on Facebook?   You can decide when, and how long.  Leechblock remembers and holds you to your word. If you want to adjust while you’re on vacation, it’s easy.  Have a deadline coming up?  Leechblock’s lockdown feature helps keep you on task with a couple of clicks.

Somebody programmed this right!   I recommend it – highly.
Five stars, two thumbs-up!

Here’s more information for you

Go take a look.  Just don’t stay too long,  you’ve got things to do today, remember?


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