8 Sanity-preserving Reminders

I have some Christian friends in a state of near panic as they look ahead and fret, worry, wonder about how our country might change in coming months – or already has.

I hear you, understand, and share the concern. Reminding myself of these eight things helps preserve my sanity, though it’s admittedly questionable some days.

• If God said it, that settles it whether I believe it or not.

• God has yet to say “Oh my — I didn’t see THAT coming.”

• Christianity began in an occupied territory. The sinister monarch in control was over 1400 miles away.
Jesus came anyway.
The disciples believed anyway. Spoke anyway. Shared anyway. “He told us the world would hate us, they hated Him first”. They expected it. Prison or no prison, people needed to know.

• The Apostle James wrote his letter to believers who were scattered – because of persecution. They’d left their homes and businesses behind and fled for their lives.

• The church is not exempt from power struggles, it’s not limited to capital cities and civic meeting rooms. Or protest sites.

• The spirit of fear so prevalent today has a source – It’s not God. (2 Tim 1.7)
But don’t give your enemy more credit than he deserves; he is dangerously ambitious, the father of lies and unbelievably persuasive, but he’s not omnipotent. That one’s taken.
Go over his head in prayer, then do as the Savior prompts. Gently, boldly, confidently.

• The most effective means of avoiding Shariah law, an increasing possibility, is to introduce people to the prophet Isa while protecting the integrity of our country’s constitution. Many don’t know who He truly is. (Isa is the Muslim name for Jesus.)

• As wonderful as it is and we want it to stay, this country is not our final home. Heaven is. Do all you can to bring your friends and family with you. Nobody has immigration policies like Heaven.

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