Thank You!

10,000 views today!

My first thought is —

Thank you Vibrance friends, readers and passers-by

for being such a blessing to me.

We’re at this milestone much sooner than I expected

(and since WordPress doesn’t count my own visits, I know it has to be you.) 😆


Thank you, family and close friends for urging me on

in my pursuit of doing with excellence what God has called me to do.


Thank You, God, for loving us first;

enough to send your Son to die on our behalf,

for mercy, grace, faith, hope and love,

and for allowing us to think, reason, and laugh together,

encourage and influence each other.


Readers, you all are great! I’m looking forward to more wonderful things ahead!


— Phil —

3 Replies to “Thank You!”

  1. Jonell


    What a milestone! Congratulations! May God continue to use your insight to help all of us walk closer to Him on a daily basis. You’re doin’ so good at pointing us toward Him, and I appreciate that about you.


  2. Phil

    Thanks, Rindy and Jonell,

    You know what’s really nice about this place?
    No editors to convince and no waiting for presses and distributors! 😉

    As the Lord enables, I hope Vibrance becomes a VALUABLE resource for encouragement, training, growth and disciple making. I’ll keep writing like there’s an editing/printing process so the quality is high, but it is pretty nice not to have to wait for that process to get material out there.

    There’s enough here now the search feature is beginning to come in handy.

    Buckle up, this is going to be fun!

    Phil —

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